Protect Your Investment

Sewer Scan Inspection

As a company who offers specialized sewer scan inspection services, we understand the importance of checking the health of the sewer system. Our trained professionals will access the main sewer hole and use cameras through the sewer line that extends from your home to the street. The property owner is responsible for this sewer line, and any issues with this sewer line are also the owner’s financial responsibility.

Sewer scan inspections are typically done at the same time as home inspections, and there are several benefits to having one done in your home. Each inspection is recorded in high-resolution video, and if necessary, will bring to light hidden damage to the lines.  

Our sewer scan inspection services include:

  • Same day reports
  • See the sewer line
  • Health of the sewer system
  • High-resolution video
  • And more

In most experiences, there are no major problems occurring in the sewer lines. It’s when there are that it is a huge problem. Get peace of mind with our sewer scan inspection, it can potentially save you from headaches and huge repairing expenses down the road. Give us a call to schedule an inspection today at (954) 801-8314, we look forward to speaking with you. We proudly serve a 40 miles radius from Fort Lauderdale, FL.