Protect Your Investment

Wind Mitigation Reports

Wind mitigation involves outfitting your home with features to better withstand high storm winds and hurricanes. By outfitting a home with wind mitigation it can drastically decrease home insurance premiums. Therefore wind mitigation reports inform the owner of the structural quality of these proactive and cost effective structural aids.

Our wind mitigation reports are designed to let you know how effective those precautions might be based on inspection. In Florida, hurricanes are an unfortunate reality, and preparation is necessary to protect your investment from devastation. We are here to make sure that everything looks right to better help save you and your money incase of an emergency.

Different devices we check while conducting wind mitigation inspections are:

  • Water barriers
  • Roof to foundation anchoring
  • Window and door coverings
  • And more

Don’t wait for a hurricane for those costly wind mitigation additions to fail, let us perform a wind mitigation report and keep you prepared and up to date to battle those dangerous elements. Proudly serving a 40 miles radius from Fort Lauderdale, FL, call (954) 801-8314 for same day reports.